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The Last Three Times I Saw a Snake

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July 5th, 2020

It was in the same place as the day before.

July 4th, 2020

Linh and I were walking from the Crested Butte Mountain to the town. We wanted great food and fireworks, but ended up spending $100 on a piece of art made out of penny coin wrappers, printing press strips of varying CMYK colors, and skateboard tape. The artist also painted one of the public buses in town. And we did find delicious flavors on a sturdy table, but we had to order and pay with our phones, because covid I suppose. Rain stopped the firework show. A few determined individuals did their own firework or two on our walk back. But I get ahead of myself. The snake. At the end of our walk to town, when the ground flatted just before the guardrail-less bridge, there was a couple finger thick black snake with a red stripe two feet to the left of me. "There's a snake," I said, moving to the center of the path. It was making itself more into a circle. Bikers approached behind us. I told them, "There's a snake here." They stopped and we kept walking.

Here's a picture of Crested Butte I gave away on Unspash. In this case, I'm using it to transition to the third story that matters more. But feel free to use it for anything, like how I Lunapic'd three snakes onto it atop this page.

July 4thish 2019

Back when people used to go outside in large groups to celebrate historically significant days, we went to Avon. We ate outside. Sat on a blanket by the lake. Watched people. Naturally, my two year old daughter wanted to explore the edges of the lake. We were holding hands. She crouched down, wanting to touch it and confirm that this lake was in fact water. On the far side of her, I saw a thin long black slither coming right for her. I grabbed her far hand and swirled her around over the edge of the in one motion, pivoting away to reach a full sprint by the second step. About as fast as I've ever been. Then a San Francisco band played music and we danced, for about 35 minutes, which is the absolute peak of a two year old's attention. Norah ended the day atop my shoulders, with the drummer giving her a sticker. I keep it on my laptop. Listen to the music while you can.

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