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  • About the Hacker Noon POdcast

    I will be producing, and occasionally cameo-ing in, the upcoming HACKER NOON PODCAST. Subscribe at Podcast.HackerNoon.com

    Learn more about how we acquired Crypto Disrupted to get this podcast off the ground. Was great to work with podcast host Trent Lapinski and musician/producer Derek Bernard. Now the Hacker Noon team and community will be posting tech episodes. Upcoming series include: Between Two Tokens and Startup CEO Talk.

  • Podcast Guest Appearances

    OCT, 2018 - On this special edition episode, Hacker Noon Founder & CEO David Smooke guest hosts to discuss the process of making great products with newly hired interim CTO Dane Lyons. Dane is the founder of v1labs & Knowtify, and he is one of the best product minds around.

    "To build a good product, you've got to embrace change," says Dane Lyons. "When you have a product and you change something about the product, there's really only three outcomes. It's going to get better, it's going to get worse, or it's going to stay the same. "

    The cryptocurrency podcast will join Hacker Noon to make a more mainstream tech podcast. Trent Lapinski will take over as the host for the upcoming weekly Hacker Noon Podcast. You can subscribe today by visiting https://Podcast.HackerNoon.com. “Crypto Disrupted has built a high-quality community and Trent conducts substantive interviews,” said Hacker Noon Founder & CEO David Smooke. “We’re very excited to put more production resources and distribution efforts into a podcast together.”

    APRIL, 2018 - "David is one of my role models. And I think it shines through in this conversation, because I end up asking him an almost relentless barrage of questions about how to be successful at producing content online, and pretty much mine him for all the information that I can. So I think you’ll learn a lot from this episode. I sure did. David is an interesting character. He’s got very explicit and carefully considered beliefs about pretty much every part of his business, and so far it’s worked out very well for him."

    FEBRUARY, 2018 - "In the interview we touch on everything from how David spends his days, to how he communicates with thousands of writers, to crypto, blockchain, artificial intelligence, algorithms, politics, writing, publishing, and predicting the future of technology."

    JANUARY, 2018 - "1. Can we start off by telling us how did you found AMI Media? And how do you go about managing such a large starting from 0 to where you are now. 2. How did you go from 1m to 7m page views a month in about a year? 3. How important is storytelling when producing content and do you feel it’s an art that many lack?"

    DECEMBER, 2017 - "I wanted to know who was running Hacker Noon, how the business works, and what it says about Medium as a publishing platform. Hacker Noon turns out to be part of a network of Medium publications called AMI. AMI’s network includes sites like Art + Marketing, Future Travel, and Fit Yourself Club–all of which are distinct syndication platforms. David Smooke is the CEO of AMI, and he joins this episode to explain how his business works, how he has scaled the content syndication business, and why he is betting on Medium. It was a detailed look into the state of online publishing and where it might be headed."

    MARCH, 2017 - “If you’re a good artist, you’re probably doing a lot more than you’re putting online, and you’re probably more interesting to look at your actual work and talk to you then it is to browse and search for you on the internet. So closing that identity gap is a lot of where I would start with.” David also believes you should share your work before it’s even finished. It allows people to see your process while you’re in the act of creation.

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