• Hello Internet,

    It's been awhile I was doing my thing.


    David Smooke.net is roundup of my life and work.

  • CURIOSITY makes the world go round

    I've hacked together a blog network and turned into a family man.





  • my work life path to the storytelling business

    2016-2018: working on the business

    scaling readership, revenue, & hacking my way to a better day to day.

    2011-2016: San Francisco is the best city for your 20s

    learned from startup life, and then started my own.

    2006-2010: grew up and messed around in Southern California

    studied economics & creative writing at University or Redlands.

    1991-2006: played and learned stuff in Pennsylvania.

    my ridge and valley roots.

    1988 - 1991: didn't speak

    my sister mostly talked for me.

    1988: born

    year of the dragon but I don't buy into those labels.

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