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  • Green Hair with Linh Dao Smooke. Usually my hair isn't green and usually her hair isn't purple but six years ago today I saw her at a outdoor market street concert, trying to plug her phone into laptop and I said, "You have a lot of technology on your hands."

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    • The reality is that the entire internet industry is built atop the keystrokes of nerds via Get.Tech
    • Less dependency on central entities is essential for the internet to mature into a technology that works for the people using it via CoinDesk
    • I’m optimistic about peer to peer internet infrastructure, as a near 0% transaction fee is a world I want to live in via Cornell.edu
    • Fascinated with a glob of recycled, reprocessed paper via Age 4
    • The simplest measure of engagement is time. As Hacker Noon is a place to read, it makes sense for us to provide our readers with quantitative measurements, such as reading time created via ReadWrite
    • Very much looking forward to working with the internet to recognize technological innovators via Bezinga 
    • We 10x-ed the traffic from Noonies 2019 to Noonies 2020. It's a testament to the curation of our editorial team, the experience, functionality, and deployment by our product team, and the community's desire to vote for who deserves rewards via Yahoo Finance
    • Building a startup in the Vail Valley is something people should be doing more. It's a great place to build a company via Vail Daily

    • Drink more water. Reach out to the people you find interesting on the internet. Know that everyone is fighting their own battles via Pirate Beachbum Interview

    • Choosing a tech stack is a balance of bets between performance, price, dependencies, and your team’s ability to connect the dots... Optimize for improving your future rate of iteration via MindBowser

    • Zero is the only non-volatile number. Once nothing becomes a numerical something, that something changes value over time via NULLcoin Green Paper

    • Usage determines a product’s value. Every function has its own purpose. New functions should have a predetermined metric that you are trying to move. But you should also keep an eye on what other metrics change via e27

    • We are very early in the digital cash revolution. Just as gold is the mascot for the Fed’s financial system, Bitcoin is the mascot for the rise of digital cash via Finance Magnates

    • If you’re in digital publishing, you can’t truly own the digital experience without owning the software via ProductHunt

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