• We become what we consume.

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    Mozilla Builders: Emoji Reactions and Slogging Beta

    "Hacker Noon present emoji reaction and slogging progress with Mozilla Builders. It's David Smooke presenting in the snow with Linh Dao Smooke working the browser. More info about pixelated emoji reactions:. They are open sourced on GitHub. Read more Fix the Internet stories.... and check out some live #slogging stories.

    University of Boulder Live Edition: Hacker Noon Speaks at Disruptive Entrepreneurship Class (November, 2018)

    Hacker Noon CEO David Smooke & COO Linh Dao Smooke recently spoke at University of Colorado Boulder’s Disruptive Entrepreneurship class taught by Professor & Hacker Noon contributing writer Nathan Schneider. Some quotes by David: “On the internet right now, there is a massive battle going on between centralization and decentralization... Know that the obstacles are only a day, and tomorrow will be a new day and that obstacle won’t be as bad, or maybe it’ll be worse and day after will be better... We’re people that built a company out of iteration, and we did not intend to make one of the most popular tech blogs."

    TEDx Hanoi: Horizontal Storying - Unearthing the Depth of the Newsfeed (July 2016, Hanoi Vietnam)

    "It’s called a newsfeed because it feeds us. We need what it offers. As a human, there is no living without stories. What we read, watch - or to more accurately say, what we consume - shapes what we post, snap, write, tweet, tag, message and frames our expectations of where the world is headed. We become what we consume. Every scroll through the newsfeed while we wait for Ubers to arrive. We become what we consume. Every morning when we wake up and newsfeed before the bathroom. We become what we consume. In these brief moments, how can we form any depth to our comprehension of story?"


    Read full transcript at HorizontalStorytelling.com

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  • speaking engagements

    Hacker Noon, The Color Green, the Value of Iteration and Trusting the Process (#DevStories @ GitHub HQ, Feb 2019)

    “Equity Crowdfunding” at Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder (November 2018, Boulder Colorado)

    StartEngine Summit: Moderating The Tokenization of Alternative Assets (October 2018, Los Angeles)

    Caffeinated Mornings: Can a 1 Person Company Be a “Legit” Media Company Today? (September 2017, Boulder)

    Caffeinated Mornings is a once a month design meetup. This talk is a walkthrough of my company's journey to 10 million minutes per month reading, followed by a thoughtful Q and A from moderator Jay Ferracane.

    Inaugural Hacker Noon Party (June 2017, San Francisco)

    I talk briefly in the middle of this party. But it's mostly a party for what is IMHO the best community in tech.

    The Bootstrapper's Guide to Guest Blogging (2014, Scoop.it HQ in San Francisco)

    5 Takes on Content Marketing at The Hub: "The Internet is a Real Estate Game" (September 2013, San Francisco)

    Employer Branding: People Talking About You (2013, Social Recruiting Strategies Conference)

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